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Blac Chyna has alleged that Kris Jenner and the Kardashian clan have done everything in their power to prevent her from establishing herself as a media personality in her own right. According to her suit, the family went as far as turning her former partner, Rob Kardashian, against her.

So the 33-year-old model and socialite, whose real name is Angela Renée White, is pressing forth with a $100 million defamation lawsuit to even the score. The case stems from her 2017 back-and-forth with Rob, the father of her 5-year-old daughter Dream, and claims of domestic abuse coming from both camps. Lynne Ciani, White’s lawyer, said that any marks found on Rob from the purported December 2016 scuffle came about because Blac Chyna “was very in love with her fiancé and thought he was hot.”

Ciani then questioned the character of momager Kris and her girls as they sat in Judge Gregory W. Alarcon’s gallery. “There was no violent attack,” Ciani told the Los Angeles courtroom. “Kris Jenner set out to have Rob & Chyna canceled,” White’s attorney added, “and she brought in her three daughters [Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe] to help accomplish that.”

Meanwhile, Michael G. Rhodes, the Kardashians’ attorney, painted a different picture of the plaintiff when it was his turn to speak. He said that Blac Chyna’s relationship with Rob wasn’t fueled by genuine love. Instead, it was all an envious and conniving attempt to snag a part of the Kardashian fortune for herself at any cost. And the show’s cancellation was simply the result of a whirlwind romance turned sour.

“There’s no doubt that she was physical with Mr. Kardashian,” he said. Rhodes even claimed that Chyna used an iPhone charging cord at one point to strangle her daughter’s father.

“This is a sad story, how it happened… The evidence is going to show you that Miss White would say or do anything to be part of this family… [but] there is no Rob & Chyna show if there is no Rob and Chyna,” he told the jury. “Controversy does sell — but this is now verging on domestic abuse.” And Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni, isn’t helping her own daughter’s case one bit.

Earlier this week, she went on IG Live, rolled herself a blunt, and attacked the Kardashians’ “homeless,” “dead,” and “decrepit” look at Monday’s jury selection. Toni’s comments got her banned from Judge Alarcon’s courtroom for good, so Toni went on IG Live again yesterday and voiced her displeasure with the following threat: “I’m gonna get that judge.”