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Netflix Not Moving Forward With Sequel To Will Smith's 'Bright'

Source: Netflix / Bright

The fallout from “the slap” continues. The latest causality, the sequel to Will Smith’s 2017 film Bright has been shelved by Netflix. 

Bloomberg reports Netflix has decided not to move forward with the sequel to Bright the David Ayer-directed film that starred Smith. In the first movie, Smith played Daryl Ward, an LAPD detective in a world where humans now coexist with mythical creatures like fairies and orcs like his partner, played by Joel Edgerton. The film was polarizing and critically panned when it was released but still managed to be one of the biggest releases on the streaming network. So, of course, a sequel with Smith reprising his role would happen, but now that’s no longer going to be the case.

The news comes as Netflix reported it had lost 200,000 subscribers in the first three months of 2022, and just recently, the company’s stock experienced its worst day in over 20 years, suffering a 30% price drop. The company suffered a $45 billion loss which some attribute to customers sharing their Netflix passwords which the company has now said it would begin cracking down on.

Bright 2 is not the only Will Smith project that has suffered from “the slap.” His upcoming National Geographic series Polo To Pole, a nature series that will see Smith travel to the North and South Pole, has also been delayed, Bloomberg reports. If and when it does resume production, it would be Smith’s third show with the channel. He already dropped One Strange Rock in 2018 and Welcome To Earth in 2021. All are currently streaming on Disney Plus.

Despite Will Smith issuing an apology to The Academy and Chris Rock for his actions, he has since been banned from attending Oscars-related events for 10 years, resigned from The Academy, and seemingly became radioactive. We genuinely hope that people will get back on the Will Smith train as time passes. One mistake shouldn’t be a death sentence for his legendary career.

Photo: Netflix / Bright