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Milagro Tequila X Marga-Refunds X Cinco de Mayo

Source: Milagro Tequila / Milagro Tequila

In just under a week, the revelry of Cinco de Mayo (May 5) will be in full swing and the celebration wouldn’t be complete without Mexico’s prized spirit, tequila, in the mix. Famed brand Milagro Tequila recently announced a pretty nifty deal for folks who purchase a bottle of the company’s wares, offering “Marga-Refunds” on that special day.

Tax Day was just a couple of weeks ago and the responsible ones among us have filed our taxes and are awaiting refunds from the IRS. There are some of us who may need a little more time and filed an extension, either way, a little help goes a long way so keep reading to see what we’re talking about.

Milagro Tequila appears to be working with a similar version of the government agency known as the Internal Reposado Service, which will award customers $10 with a purchase of the spirit for that day only via CashApp.

“Tax season is never easy and finding out that there could be a longer wait to receive your refund is not the kind of news you want to celebrate,” Jill Palais, Senior Brand Manager of Milagro Tequila, offered in a statement. “But – we don’t want delayed refunds to drag down Cinco de Mayo celebrations, so we’re stepping in with a small gesture to help people celebrate with the freshest, brightest 100% agave tequila – without worrying about their wallets.:

The “Marga-Refunds” campaign will be available to all United States residents 21 and over, and the rules are simple. Fill out a short online form, upload the receipt of your Milagro Tequila purchase, and relax with a drink while those greenbacks hit your app.

Click this link on Cinco de Mayo (May 5) to get your “Marga-Refunds” and share the love on social media with the hashtags #MilagroTequila and #MilagroMargaRefunds.

Milagro Tequila X Marga-Refunds X Cinco de Mayo

Source: Milagro Tequila / Milagro Tequila

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