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YouTube influencer and self-proclaimed relationship guru Kevin Samuels died in Atlanta last week, and social media went crazy with controversy in response. Well, now, audio of the 911 call that preceded his death has been released, and, regardless of how one feels about the man, the recording of the frantic woman who made the call is shocking.


According to 11 Alive, the 911 audio was released by the Atlanta Police Department along with a police report detailing the call to Samuels’ Buckhead apartment on May 5.

“Please, just come fast it’s Kevin Samuels, you need to come fast,” the woman can be heard telling the 911 dispatcher, who is asking her questions, including what the Samuels’ apartment number is. But the woman says she doesn’t know the apartment number, and she is unwilling to leave Samuels to find out.

“I’m not sure what it is,” she said. “He’s not breathing, I’m trying to give him CPR. He’s breathing now, but I think he has an irregular rhythm. Please hurry. I’m a nurse, but I’m trying to do CPR.”

The woman, who, again, is beyond frantic the entire time, suggested the responders contact the apartment complex’s front desk to ask for directions and for the apartment number. She was pleading for them to get there as fast as possible, but she wasn’t going to stop trying to save Samuels’ life, even to get them the directions they needed.

“It’s probably his heart, I need you to get here,” she’s heard saying. “Hurry, he’s getting blue!”

“We have help en route,” the dispatcher said. “We need to know the apartment number ma’am. It will take longer if we have to ask the front desk, ma’am.”

“I’m not going to stop giving him CPR,” she quickly responded.

The whole call lasted more than 17 minutes and, unfortunately, we all know how it ended. According to the incident report, officers found Samuels unresponsive and took him to Piedmont Hospital, where he ultimately died. The report also noted that the woman he was with said he “complained of chest pain” the night before and that he fell out the next morning, which prompted her to call 911.