“Whomever is placing items of discovery online is not doing anybody a favor. It is totally inappropriate to try to try this case in social media. This case will be tried fairly and justly in Fulton County Superior Court.” - Brian Steel, defense attorney for Young Thug

"A Nigerian man named Christian Obumseli spent years dissing Foundational Black Americans on social media (he really showed disdain for Black women) and expressing his love & desire for white women. Well, you know the old saying, be careful what you wish for…" Tariq Nasheed in an April 7, 2022 tweet

We are fighting in the Black freedom movement that our ancestors started fighting when the first colonists attempted to capture them.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II officially hits your gaming systems in October, but players eager to get their hands on the latest shooter from the franchise will have access to the Beta in September. Playstation players will get first dibs followed by Xbox and PC users a week later. Infinity Ward dropped the intel […]

"I’m not trying to disown Kanye because I still love him and love everything we’ve done together creatively," Legend said. "But we were never the closest of friends." - John Legend in a December 2019 interview with Vanity Fair

One of Allen Iverson‘s best  and more beloved takes on his signature sneaker is coming back. The Reebok Question Mid in the “Blue Toe” colorway is on the schedule. On Thursday (Aug. 4), Reebok announced that the Question Mid “Blue Toe” will release globally on August 19. A.I. rocked the model during his rookie season […]

There are more than 4,600 confirmed cases of monkeypox in the United States.

"I'ma cop a nice home to provide in/ A safe environment for seeds to reside in/ A fresh whip for my whole family to ride in/ And if I'm still Mr. Nigga, I won't find it surprising" - Mos Def, "Mr. Nigga"

Summer is in full swing, with heat waves across the nation to confirm the time of the year. is upon us So Atlanta rapper Lil Baby partnering with AXE comes very much on time. The team-up includes limited-edition WHAXE Packs, which are a curated selection of products inspired by Lil Baby and AXE and the latter’s […]