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Mo’Nique has had numerous spats over the past decade or so with members of the entertainment community, including Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels. She even threw some serious shade at her former friend and one of the “Original Kings of Comedy,” Steve Harvey, whom Mo’Nique called a “sellout” and intimated was a “house slave.” But the newest person to find themselves in the 54-year-old comedienne’s crosshairs is another “King of Comedy,” D.L. Hughley.

Mo’Nique and Hughley were both the headlining acts at a recent comedy show in Detroit, but there happened to be some dispute around who deserved top billing. The privilege ultimately went to Hughley, which angered his co-star. But instead of taking it up with Hughley or the event promoters, Mo’Nique decided to rip him onstage.

She hinted that Hughley may have engaged in “gay-for-pay” to be named the headliner. She even dragged Oprah and Perry back into matters, too, saying she will “see you coon muthaf-ckas! Come on the coon train! Choo-Choo!” Watch the clip below to see Mo’Nique’s salvos at her enemies.

Hughley understandably didn’t approve of Mo’Nique’s tongue lashing, and he responded to her allegations via Instagram the next day. “Mo’nique got on stage, Mo’nique actually felt like she had merit, she would have done one of three things,” he wrote. “Either she would have took it up with the promoter as she did in the promoter said we’re going on and whether you go on or not, that’s a different thing.”

He went on to add the following: “You would have not done it but she knew she had to get on stage, or she would be in breach of contract, or she would have come to talk to me. She didn’t ever, and I emphatically emphasize this. She never once talked to me.” The comic signed off the post with his full government name, Darryl Lynn Hughley.

Hughley addressed the matter again on his daily radio show. He informed his listeners to check the ticket stubs as proof that he was the headliner. But he also said that his experience with one of the “Queens of Comedy” taught him a valuable lesson.

“[N]ow I know what Tyler Perry knows. I know Lee Daniels knows, I know what Oprah knows. I know what Steve Harvey knows I know what Charlamagne tha God knows. I know what Netflix knows,” the L.A.-born comedian admitted. “Saying ‘yes’ to Mo’nique is an occupational hazard.”

But not to be undone, Mo’Nique said Hughley was all “smoke-and-mirrors.”

“The fact that you point the people to the ticket stubs for the order of the names versus to your contract implies that you don’t have a contract that shows you are the headliner, like i do,” she responded. “Either show your contract or be quiet.” And she posted her copy of the paperwork to IG accordingly.

Look at Mo’Nique’s version below, and then see Hughley’s version of the contract along with his response, where he claims to have finished off the Baltimore actress/comedian with a “TKO!”