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NikeCraft GPS x Tom Sachs

Source: NikeCraft / NIke

You can’t say Nike isn’t savvy with the marketing. NikeCraft has announced an “ordinary shoe for extraordinary people,” that happens to be designed by renowned contemporary artist Tom Sachs.

NikeCraft GPS x Tom Sachs

Source: NikeCraft / NIke

Mr. Sachs is the same creator of the highly-coveted NikeCraft Mars Yard Shoe 2.0 which retailed for a smooth $200 when it first dropped in 2017, but now goes for over a cool $3000, at least, in deadstock condition.

Fast forward to 2022 and we now have the NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe (GPS), which also marks a decade-long partnership between Sachs and Nike. Like the name implies the purpose of the sneakers is to just be a sneaker, and actually be rocked for everyday wear.

“I got involved with Nike in the beginning because we wanted to make a sculpture that everyone could wear. It’s a tool for everyday life; it’s democratic,” said Sachs in a statement.

Adds Sachs, “It took me years to best advantage the superpowers of scale and to deliver value while still reflecting the standards of my studio. A great collaboration is something that no partner could do without the other, and NikeCraft has always been a 50/50 collaboration.”

If you’re looking for technical details, the NikeCraft GPS features a three-piece molded cup sole, signature donning straps, a microfiber collar and is made from ultra-breathable knit. Per Nike, the “materials are chosen to provide comfort, support and a high degree of tactile sensation in a well-priced product.”

That price would be $109.99. Cool if you can get it at retail. But considering this is a Tom Sachs production, we’re not holding our breath that Nike will keep restocking these like white on white Air Force 1s.

The initial colorway is called “Studio” (many more are on deck) and features a gum rubber midsole, a muted white upper and those aforementioned “donning straps” in blue. They’ll arrive in a full-size run (men’s and women’s) and be available on June 10 at

We’d rock ours, but wouldn’t exactly rock them in a muddy field for the sake of crispiness. Check out detailed images in the gallery below.

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NikeCraft GPS x Tom Sachs
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