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Fortnite’s mobile version was in beta for awhile, but as of Tuesday, April 2 it’s now open to all iOS owners, giving them the ability to take their addiction for the game on the go.

Epic made the announcement to its 2.62 million followers via Twitter, and we’re sure the masses rejoiced to the high heavens. Originally, Fortnite mobile was an invite-only beta and allowed those who were fortunate to receive one of those generous invitations to play, and send up to three invites to their friends.

Now that it’s officially open for all, the game can be enjoyed by anyone who owns an iPhone SE / 6S or later running iOS 11 or an iPad mini 4 / Air 2 or later. Fortnite is enjoying a huge wave of success and has easily surpassed direct competition with Playersunknown Battlegrounds. The game really owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Drake and tongue-tied gamer Ninja who pretty much introduced the game to those who may have not had any prior interest.

The fact that the game is also completely free-to-play helped its rise to popularity as well as Epic’s commitment to keeping the game updated and fresh for players. Don’t be fooled— Epic is still raking in the big bucks thanks to the attractive in-game purchases which include costumes and weapons, plus an optional three-month subscription.

With the mobile version open to everyone the game should grow in popularity even more and open doors to new players who are curious. Fortnite is now available via the App store and can be downloaded here. Hopefully, a version for Android is also in the works.

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