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Millions of people are used to seeing Judge Greg Mathis presiding on his daily courtroom television show. But a new show on the E! Network will give fans a truly unfiltered and heartwarming look at his family and his life away from the court.

For years, Judge Greg Mathis Sr. has dispensed justice, life lessons, and inspiration from the bench on his Emmy Award-winning television show Judge Mathis. He’s utilized his position as the longest-running African-American male host of a television show to provide a shining example of hope and fortitude, citing his own journey of rising from a troubled past as a former gang member to getting a college degree and becoming a judge in his hometown of Detroit. Judge Mathis has also occupied a prime position as a motivational speaker and a champion for higher education in the Black community, earning him numerous awards from the NAACP and other organizations. This has set the scene for viewers to get a closer look at Mathis and what he values in a new show, Mathis Family Matters, which is on the E! Network.

The new show focuses on Judge Mathis and his wife, Linda Mathis, an entrepreneur, and their four children: Jade, Greg Jr., Camara, and Amir, and their lives in Hollywood, California. The episodes capture the entire family interacting as it’s the first time they’re all living in the same city in 15 years. As the judge sums up in the trailer for the new show, “When the robe comes off, I’m just another sucka.”

Mathis Family Matters delivers a lot of laughter as viewers see the loving interaction between the judge and Linda and their children, but they also get to see some thought-provoking conversations between the patriarch and his children that rival those heart-to-heart talks he has with participants on his courtroom show. One prime example is in the conversation that Greg Jr. has with him about coming out as gay, and the difficulties that come with that experience.

Watch this exclusive clip where Judge Mathis and Linda Mathis meet Amir’s new girlfriend.

Mathis Family Matters airs every Sunday on E! at 10 P.M. E.T. Check out the trailer for the show below.