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Retired NFL legend Herschel Walker has changed course since leaving the league.

The Trump-supporting republican was recently on Fox News speaking to host Brian Kilmeade about his run for senate. But to win that seat, he’ll have to beat Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, so Kilmeade hit him with a few softball questions that had Walker out of wack.

He started by asking him why he won’t commit to a debate, despite Warnock already committing on three separate occasions and Walker making public remarks that he’s ready to go.

“One of the first things you have to think about is that a debate is for the people and not for the press or for any political party,” he said. “He keeps talking about debates because he doesn’t want to talk about his terrible record.”

This isn’t the first time he’s avoided debates, as he did the same against his Republican opponents in the primaries and won because his opponent, Gay Black, wasn’t as flush with campaign contributions and unable to exploit the controversy surrounding Walker.

Kilmeade then asked Walker about some of those controversies surrounding his campaign, including his strained relationship with his children, aside from his son Christian.

“I’ve acknowledged my other kids. And the thing I didn’t acknowledge them here because my daughter, people have seen her at some of the functions I’ve been at,” Walker added. “My two youngest kids, I’m not going to acknowledge them because I don’t want them to be on any kind of scrutiny.”

While a seemingly acceptable answer, Kilmeade presses further to ask if he’s involved in their lives at all and claimed he is and what’s most important is that they know they’re loved.

Kilmeade then delved into another confusing point within his campaign; his connection to law enforcement.

Walker previously said he’d worked with the police in Cobb Country, Georgia, and would then claim in 2019 that he was an FBI agent equipped with training from Quantico. However, the Cobb County Police Department told the Journal-Constitution they had no record of working with him, and the FBI said he’d only led a women’s self-defense training for the bureau and was an “honorary deputy.”

Now that the claims were proved to be false, he’s now he’s lying that he ever made the initial statements.

“No, I never said I worked with the FBI,” Walker falsely told Kilmeade. “I said I worked with — I said I’ve been to the FBI, I’ve trained with the FBI, which I did.”

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