Fans of Netflix’s new series On My Block were treated to a surprise on Friday morning as they woke up to a very special announcement: The crew is coming back for a second season.

The show’s Twitter account announced that Netflix has greenlighted season two of the diverse coming of age story.

The show debuted on Netflix as an underdog, with many fans complaining about the lack of promo from the streaming platform. But as more celebrities such as Jamie Foxx and Gabrielle Union began to promote the show, visibility grew—and so did the show’s fan base. As the reception has shown, On My Block fills the gap for a need for a coming of age story centered around kids of color.

“I definitely think the show breaks a lot of stereotypes that people may have held before about [Black and Latinx] cultures,” said actress Sierra Capri, who plays show lead Monsé, to CASSIUS in an interview. “There’s nothing like it right now on any media platform.”

While fans anxiously await the start of the second season, there is already a very particular ask out for change—and it has to do with one of the show’s main characters. Actress Ronni Hawk, who plays newcomer Olivia on the show, has recently come under fire on Twitter for her alleged political loyalties. Screenshots of tweets have surfaced from around the time of the 2016 election of her expressing her support of President Donald Trump.

As a result, many fans are requesting that Olivia’s character gets recast in the second season.

One of the main critiques about Hawk’s portrayal of this character, in particular, is that Olivia has arrived to live with the squad in South Central, Calif. from Texas because her parents have been deported to Mexico.

While Hawk has yet to comment, it’ll definitely be interesting to see how this plays out in season two. In the meantime, congratulations to everyone who worked on the show—we’ll definitely keep our eyes out for updates.