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Solange Knowles Honored As 2018 Harvard Artist Of The Year

Source: Natasha Moustache / Getty

Solange flexes her avant garde style on the forthcoming cover of Dazed, for which she’s said to have penned a seven-part ode to Jamaica. “If you are really still, it will hold you,” she writes. “If you are really quiet, it will speak to you.” Fun fact: Solange has reportedly been working on new music in the island nation.

If you’ve been following Solange, then you know that Jamaica has long held a special place in her heart. She also shares with Dazed the memorable experiences she’s had on the island. “I’ve spent two Christmases, one Thanksgiving, one breakup, one breakdown, and one birthday in St. Elizabeth,” she says. “I’ve spent many a day on the beach, just my son and I, both of us reading and running and smiling wide in the sun, tasting the salt in the corners of our mouths.”

The Spring/Summer 2018 issue of Dazed hits stands on Thursday (April 19). Take a sneak peek below.

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  • NPR newscaster Carl Kasell passed away at 84.
  • A former Cambridge Analytica director claims the company had exclusive access to Breitbart’s engagement data. 👀👀👀

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