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Las Vegas shenanigans made for a rough morning for Danii Banks.

The Instagram model was apparently partying it up in Sin City, but things ended so badly that according to the police report attained by TMZ, Danii says she was drugged and then robbed of her Cartier watch and $5,000 once the night was over.

She alleges that she was so intoxicated a man drove her home in her own car while two others followed in another vehicle to pick up the man dropping her off.

The next thing Danii remembers is waking up to see that her watch was missing, her bank accounts were overdrawn, and two Zelle payments totaling $5,000. She also says that her American Express credit card was missing.

“She says security footage from her condo complex shows three men with her at the front gate … but she says she would not be able to identify them. The surveillance footage shows the men driving away in a blue Chevy Impala,” writes TMZ.

This isn’t the first time Danii’s been a victim of robbery; in 2019, an intruder entered her Chamble, Georgia apartment. She heard loud noises in the middle of the night, and after her dogs began to bark, she got out of bed and was greeted by an armed man. In the surveillance footage, Danii can be seen naked when abruptly seeing the stranger in her apartment. He then made her open her safe, and after realizing it was empty, he pushed her onto the bed and fled.

Cops have opened an investigation into seeing who committed the Vegas robbery.

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