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The Grind Don’t Stop Just ‘Cause X Is Behind Bars.

According to DMX’s attorney, Murray Richman, X has been working on musing and vetting multiple movie deals while in jail. Richman  also said the rapper “looks great, is very happy, and overall, is doing remarkably well.”

According to The Blast, Richman has also received over 600 fan mail letters for DMX since he was sentenced. “[Richman] says people from all over the world (we’re talking France and Czechoslovakia, here) are sending the rap legend notes, pictures, and drawings, just to name a few things,” the outlet writes.

So does this mean we’re getting a new DMX album when he finally gets out? We’ll have to wait and see.

Sexual Harassment Is “Normal” at Coachella, Says Teen Vogue.

“This year @TeenVogue sent an army to @coachella to report on the ‘culture,'” Executive Editor Samhita Mukhopadhyay tweeted on Thursday evening. “What we learned is not on the social media feeds: sexual harassment is completely normal at the festival.”

Writer Vera Papisova spoke to over 50 women at the festival who all shared accounts of being sexually harassed while at this year’s festival. Papisova also says that over the course of the 10 hours that she was on the field reporting, she was groped 22 times. “One guy followed me across the field to the Mojave stage, where I was meeting a friend to see FIDLAR,” she shared. “When my friend left to see another band, I stayed behind, and this guy came up behind me and whispered, ‘You’re a goddess’ and then rubbed his hands on my hips and butt.”

Read the full report here.

Here’s What Cardi’s Naming Her Baby.

We won’t spoil it or you. Just watch below.

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