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HBCU Gameday partners with Nissan

Source: HBCU Gameday / HBCU Gameday

HBCU Gameday in partnership with Nissan, has debuted its exclusive online edition of the No Huddle as the HBCU football season enters the midpoint of the season. The No Huddle is geared to give fans insight into the big games that really matter heading into the weekend.

The show, produced from our Atlanta studio, runs down the weekly top ten poll for FCS football and Division II as voted on by the HBCU Gameday staff. It presents an opportunity to hear from coaches, players and relive some of the exciting highlights from the previous weekends. The really fun part, fans will have the opportunity to compare their predictions versus the HBCU Gameday staff.

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This week on the No Huddle we bring you the week six top ten polls along with our predictions. We also have Coach Prime speaking on Jackson State being scheduled for Alabama State’s homecoming, plus an exclusive inside look at the Southern Heritage Classic.

The No Huddle can be seen on the HBCU Gameday YouTube channel and, beginning each Friday heading into the slate of Saturday games.