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Kiss Café Coffee

Source: Kiss Café / Kiss Café

Jason Phillips, better known as the rapper Jadakiss, has made his bones as one-third of the famous New York hip-hop triad The Lox. But the 47-year-old lyricist is now the member of another trio, working with his dad and son to launch Kiss Café.

Bob Phillips, Jadakiss’ father, has been involved in the business of java for four-and-a-half decades. And in 1998, he became president and CEO of a boutique importing and trading firm that specializes in international green coffees. That organization, Caturra Corp., is located in the rapper’s native Westchester County. But the Phillips family now wants to share their appreciation for a good cup of joe with the rest of the world.

“This coffee is for all coffee lovers,” Jadakiss said. “No specific age or background or knowledge. Coffee is a universal and a personal thing. Everyone enjoys it differently. And, we’re here to help them do that.”

Filmmaker Set Free Richardson, one of the key visionaries behind the popular And 1 Mixtape, was tapped by the Phillips’ to handle the product branding for Kiss Café. And Richardson’s agency, Compound, will also be in charge of the marketing duties.

“The logo features three, intertwined coffee beans representing each individual, as well as family, heritage and tradition,” the press release explains. “Each sleek and sophisticated package is designed to stimulate all five senses.”

Kiss Café is currently ready for business online, and their inaugural coffee roast is called Beijo (which means “kiss” in Portuguese). Coffee lovers can get their hands on it for $14.99 as either whole bean or ground options. And the company plans to reveal upcoming partnerships and its expansion to brick-and-mortar outlets in the next few months.

“This is one of my proudest professional and personal achievements,” said the patriarch, Bob Phillips. “There is no greater honor than taking what you’ve learned in this life and inspiring your family to join you and bring that pursuit to the next level.”

Kiss Café Coffee

Source: Kiss Café / Kiss Café