Bill Maher and his show seem to be safe… for now.

Even though the flippant host of the weekly political talk show went all the way left and called himself a “house n—ger” on live TV last week, he later apologized and HBO confirms that it is not canceling the show (as some, like Chance The Rapper, have called for.)

This upcoming week, he’s going to have to hash out his words with legendary rapper and pull-no-punches actor, Ice Cube.

The New York Daily News reports that the 47-year-old rapper was already scheduled to appear on Real Time with Bill Maher and will reportedly address the host’s use of the slur. He initially was supposed to appear on the show to discuss the 25th Anniversary of his album, Death Certificate.

Sen. Al Franken, on the other hand, will not appearing on Real Time. He called Maher’s comment “inappropriate and offensive,” and pulled out after the news dropped.

Will Cube check him or will he wreck him? This one should be good.


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