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A New Jersey high school football coach was fired from his job because of senseless racism.

Nick Strom had built a strong and winning team at Camden Catholic High School in Cherry Hill, but he was axed after school officials had a problem with the number of Black players on his roster, the Courier Post reported. Really?

It didn’t matter that several African-American players were enjoying their time on the field. It didn’t matter that the team was doing well. All that mattered to officials was the team’s Blackness. Strom learned of his termination on Monday after being hired in 2013, he said.

He then explained that players of color make up about half of the team.

Strom, who is also a golf coach, was placed on administrative leave as a history teacher after officials refused to renew his contract. He knew something was wrong early on with officials’ treatment of him and his team.

“From day one, the administration told me they did not approve of the ratio of black to white students,” Strom, who said he wouldn’t resign on Monday before he was terminated, said to the Courier. “I think this is from me not conforming with their viewpoints on what they want the student body and the football team to look like. I’ve tried to build this program into one that’s based on kids being of ability, high character and high grades.”

He routinely was asked about the race of potential freshmen, specifically, if they were white or Black, he said. He was also asked whether students came from single-parent households.

Talent, ability, drive and enthusiasm were not considered first when building the team, he said. Strom plans to file a grievance with the union about the contract nonrenewal for his teaching position.


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