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Chris Redd is still smiling despite getting attacked in NYC recently. 

Redd didn’t escape unharmed as TMZ obtained new photos of him sporting some war wounds, including two black eyes and a few stitches going down his nose.


Last Wednesday, the comedian drove to the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village, and when he got out of his car around 9:40 PM, he was greeted by a man in a fake security uniform equipped with a pair of brass knuckles. Redd’s chain was also broken during the attack– a piece by popular jeweler Greg Yuna.

Now security footage of the event confirms eyewitness accounts. The video shows Redd walking down a lively Manhattan street when his head suddenly jerks back, and he falls to the ground after getting sucker punched.

Staff at a nearby cafe Caffe Reggio immediately rushed to help Redd as blood began to gush from his nose.

“His nose was cracked. Not broken but split, and a lot of blood was coming out,” said Fabrizio Cavallacci, the owner of the cafe next door who was outside when the attack happened. “A whole bunch of people gathered there after they really bashed the poor guy. He was really bleeding a lot. One of my managers was trying to stop the bleeding, and then an ambulance came.”

The staff then used hot water to clean up all the blood from the sidewalk as Redd was transported to Bellevue hospital.

No motive has been revealed for the attack, as police are still trying to find the attacker despite nearby cops being on patrol.