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Once upon a time, before Kanye West could be found dancing with Donald Trump in the depths of right-wing hell, the once revered artist sampled Lauryn Hill for a little song called “All Falls Down.” While the original track—which contained a clip of Hill’s “Mystery of Iniquity” from her acclaimed MTV Unplugged No 2.0—was ultimately left off Yeezy’s debut album (the sample wasn’t cleared), the final version, which features Syleena Johnson, went on to rack up multiple accolades.

We’re not sure what the story is behind the sampling of “Ex-Factor” for Drake’s bound-to-be-summer-anthem “Nice For What,” but from the looks of this footage from Hill’s Monday night Apollo performance, it doesn’t appear she or her camp granted Aubrey their blessing. The four-minute clip finds Hill in the middle of a live rendition of the Miseducation favorite before the band stops and the DJ jumps into the instrumental for Drizzy’s now-viral hit. At first glance, it appears Hill’s about to give Drake a proper nod, but then the script is quickly flipped.

“See this is ‘Ex-Factor’/He took the sample/My shit is classic/Here’s an example,” she sings over Drake’s chorus. “Stop acting like you didn’t grow up singing my songs,” Hill later raps. “I swooped down on the bitch like I had wings on my arms … Sorry if you’re offended.”

Which leaves us wondering: did Drake use Hill’s song as a means to celebrate women without an actual blessing from the queen? Or is Hill just reminding him (and listeners) that L-Boogie still reigns supreme?

Get into the clip below.