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Tyomi Morgan planned to spend her life strutting down runways, not around bedrooms. “I wanted to be a model and fashion designer,” Morgan told CASSIUS. “I spent a year at Pratt Institute and majored in fashion design, but I lost interest. It sounds cliché, but fashion was my passion, so having to sew everyday killed it.”

Unlike many sex workers’ stories, being a statuesque beauty and a college dropout didn’t lead the Chicagoan to the pole; she relied on her pen. While at Pratt, Morgan’s English professor suggested she change her major to writing, and after a little soul-searching, and with a little encouragement from her dad, she decided to start a blog… about fashion.

She decided to get on top of another throbbing interest: sex.

“I wanted to talk about something I felt I could be an expert on,” she said. Standing at a voluptuous 5’10, the statuesque beauty was actively working as a plus-size model, so her natural inclination was to write about style. Despite getting a few nods from notables such as Kanye West, Morgan quickly realized fashion was no longer woven into her DNA. She decided to get on top of another throbbing interest: sex.

She liked to watch. It started out pretty innocent.

“I’d been studying sex since I was 15,” she says. “And I don’t mean studying boys. I mean I was literally a student of the anatomy and the science since behind sex. I’m a huge fan of the Discovery Channel and I’d watch their documentaries on the science of sexuality. I’d also go to the library and check out books on everything from the anatomy to the Kama Sutra.”

Morgan’s forays into the world of sexuality as a teenager were upgraded from kiddie curiosity to full-out freak-nasty play time when she finally decided to, as the saying goes, “bust it open for a real brother.”

“When I started having sex, I got into studying the pleasure aspect and I would apply what I read. I would also ask guys for their feedback,” she said.

Apparently, Morgan got really good at getting folks off. Her skills were so superb she realized she could literally sell that ass—well, not hers, of course, but she understood that she could monetize the acumen she’d gathered and help others walk into the bedroom in the stilettos (or boots) of greatness. She had a vision.

After doing some research, she realized there weren’t any young, articulate women of color killing the sex education game. BOOM. She knew exactly what her revamped blog would focus on. Despite her epiphany, Morgan didn’t feel quite ready to hit the field raw, so she decided to experiment with a little foreplay.

“I’d been studying sex since I was 15.” 

“In 2011, I attended the EXXXOTICA Expo to see if I could really handle being a part of the sex industry,” she told CASSIUS. “I was fascinated by what I saw and learned so much.”

Morgan also garnered the boost of confidence she needed to launch. She released her first blog entry for Glamerotica 101 on Labor Day in 2011 and Glamazon Tyomi was born. The site offers everything from information on sexual health to how-to videos for those who require visual sex skills tutorials. In any given video, Morgan’s sensual vibe is coupled with blush-inducing displays that can make even the most seasoned sexual being re-think his/her approach. And folks can’t seem to get enough. Her YouTube videos boast 500k-16 million viewers—yes, 16 million. Don’t believe it just watch.

At first folks were surprised by the change in her interests because she’d built such a name for herself as a local model—and there was that other thing. “I was talking about sex! Most people had experienced me as quiet so they were wondering where did all the explicit talk come from,” she recalled.

There was also the question of what exactly makes you a “sexpert” (sex + expert). Morgan answers the latter with ease. “I’ve engaged in self-study. I’ve read the same books therapists have studied, from medical journals to Kinsey Reports. Sex education is unregulated, so I’m self-taught.”

There are folks who have degrees as doctors or therapists and decided to specialize in sex as an area of interest, but they aren’t competition. Many of those individuals worship at the House of Glamoratica. “I’ve had several of the leaders commend me for my knowledge and ability to hold my own in technical conversations,” she said. Plus, no one is doing what Glamazon does the way she does.

Look at it like this: she’s hot, smart, informative and respectable. Guys will want to bang her—every male model in her videos is basically drooling— but women don’t hate on her.

That’s likely why her professional cohort group isn’t the only group singing her praises. More and more viewers have become enamored with the Glamazon’s approach—she dons sexy bikinis, funky Afro’s with kinky curls, and her face it always beat. But it’s not just how she looks—though the model’s face isn’t hard on the eyes. Morgan’s approach to sex education offers the same info you’d get from a stodgy health education schoolmarm, but she wraps it in her own brand of vixen vibe—sans hoe appeal.

Look at it like this: she’s hot, smart, informative and respectable. Guys will want to bang her—every male model in her videos is basically drooling— but women don’t hate on her. She’s likeable, aspirational and relatable to ladies. In fact, women tend to adore her. So much that she’s taken the road to meet (and monetize) the masses.

“I started writing for sites such as and in 2014, but in 2016 I began touring. My first location sold out quickly so I realized that I had to hit as many cities as possible.”

Morgan’s “Ride Him Cowgirl” tour is an empowering talk about sex education and technique, coupled with one-on-one how-tos on straddling your partner in multiple positions. Her first tour grossed almost six figures and created an excellent stream of revenue, particularly given her other business challenges.

Despite having millions of views online, Morgan shared how she had been blocked from receiving ad dollars due to SEO regulations for adult sites. Like many entrepreneurial-minded millennials, her parents have supplemented her finances while she’s built her brand. Their support and her diligence are finally paying off.

“I’m working on television and book deals. I also have an adult education series coming out,” she said. “I have a great following all over the world. I’ve been to 25 cities, including Toronto and London, and I get questions from places as far as Africa and India. For the most part everyone wants to know the same thing: How to be better at sex.”