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The famous producer behind Glee, Scream Queens, and now the new FX series Pose, is giving back to the community in a huge way.

Ryan Murphy announced on Twitter that he is donating all the profits from the series to trans and LGBTQ+ charitable organizations.

“These groups do amazing work and need our support,” he wrote. “Every day for the next 14 days I will highlight a group I’m supporting, and encourage you to do the same!”

He said that this decision was motivated by his success with his foundation, Half, which supports women and people of color in behind-the-camera work.

“We entered this area of television as advocacy, and I’ve seen the difference you can make in people’s lives by showing up for them, caring for them, and helping them in any way that you can,” he told Variety.

His new series, Pose is a period piece set in 1980s New York City that serves up an inside look at the ballroom culture world of the LGBTQ+ community. The series has five trans women of color as series regulars and has employed more than 100 trans actors and crew members.

“The thing that struck me in talking to so many of them was how much they’ve struggled, how under attack they feel, how many of them find it difficult getting healthcare, and finding jobs,” Murphy said. “I just decided I need to do more than just making a show for this community. I want to reach out and help this community.”

In addition to his own donations, Murphy plans to hold fundraising screenings and other benefits to raise awareness and set up scholarships for trans and LGBTQ+ kids who need educational resources. Some of the organizations he has donated to thus far include the Sylvia Rivera Law Project and The Peter Cicchino Youth Project.