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Here’s the Official Trailer for Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Ethan Hunt is back to jumping out of windows in the trailer for the sixth installment of Mission Impossible. The film, which also features Angela Bassett, doesn’t hit theaters until July 27, but you can get a sneak peek at the action by pressing play below.

Is Frank Ocean About to Make His Big Screen Debut?

According to Complex, the elusive singer is listed as a star in a forthcoming film title Ships Passing in the Night. No official announcement has been made (that we know of), but you can check out details by visiting IMDb. Here’s the synopsis, according to the site:

“Brad Bang is one of the top male supermodels in the world. Grace Sol is a passionate but fragile actress. Despite their growing, troubled relationship, after a series of rehearsals and one fateful night, Grace falls for Brad, only to realize that despite needing each other, their love is forbidden.”

If this is real, Ocean will be playing the role of “Kevin,” and the film will be directed by Michael Kang (The Motel, West 32nd).

This Is How You Dance Like You’re in the New Gambino Video.

Choreographer Sherrie Silver is showing us all the moves from Childish Gambino’s “This Is America.” As she explains in the video, she promised to share a choreography tutorial when the video reached 100,000 million views. This is her coming through on that promise.

Sherrie recently told Glamour:

“I basically wanted to bring my authentic style from different parts of Africa—not just my country—because I felt that it was very important to represent a lot of the continent. With the song being called ‘This is America,’ I wanted to make sure that there were some American references as well. That’s why you got dances in there like the Shoot and the Reverse and the Nene. And, obviously, Donald added his own style of movement.”

Get into the dance lesson below.

Twitter Is Years Late with Its Latest Feature.

In the first big update since CEO Jack Dorsey acknowledged how harmful and divisive the social media platform’s become, Twitter has announced that it will now be hiding tweets that “detract from the conversation.” Imagine all the trolls you’ll be able to evade while explaining the reasons why you should be able to BBQ at the park on a Sunday like everyone else. Where was this, like, three years ago? Now, all we need is that edit button… or not.

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