Cassius Life Featured Video

After the release of our #TheFirstSupper cover drop, Kierna Mayo, SVP of Content and Brands for iOne Digital— and the creative force behind CASSIUS— chopped it up on Sway in The Morning.

CASSIUS continues to disrupt, inform, uplift and take back our culture’s narrative, and Mayo broke down her team’s need to shake up the cushy blissful ignorance of culture vultures on the morning show: “It’s about giving people a lane to share ideology, to converse about conflict, the things that are disconnecting us as opposed to connecting us.”

The two hip hop architects also spoke on how journalism, one of the integral part to the industry, has transformed over the past 20 years, and the important role Mayo has played in its rebirth.

And although the two looked back, Mayo is focused on inspiring the next generation, and allowing them to carve their own lane: “There’s so much conversation about what this generation isn’t. But I just have to bear witness to what they are.”

Watch the entire conversation up top.