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More than five years after the ghostwriting controversy, Quentin Miller’s still got the short end of the stick.

Now the rapper is coming forward to reveal how the entire ordeal still affects him to this very day. Quentin Miller recently sat down with VladTV, and when discussing his contribution to Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, he says he “never got a publishing check off any Drake songs.”

Miller reveals that prior to working with the OVO boss, he signed a deal with Tricky Stewart back in 2011, and despite many attempts to end the partnership, it wasn’t officially dissolved until around 2020. Being stuck under a contract made it very hard for him to get legitimate checks, and he was left to receive funds off the books.

“I had to feed my family off getting paid under the table in that situation,” he told Vlad. “I had to let go of a lot of sh-t just to get out. Even when I was in it, I never got a publishing check or nothing. I was just grinding it out. Just hoping that one song, working with that one artist, is gon’ change something. That was the Drake thing and it just didn’t change anything.”

However, Miller explains that he did receive a $30,000 advance for his publishing contract but never saw any more money after that, despite the success of the Drizzy songs he had a hand in making.

“By the time it all blew up, I hadn’t worked out whatever situation could have been worked out to where my life would have been changed,” he shared. “By the time it all blew up and Drake wasn’t f-cking with me no more and [DJ] Drama wasn’t f-cking with me no more, I still was in that publishing deal.”

Watch Quentin Miller reveal the bad business dealings in the interview below.