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The only Donald we acknowledge is Glover.

Reddit’s Donald Trump supporters likely received quite the surprise when a mob of Donald Glover fans took over the r/thedonald subreddit over the weekend. Not to be confused with r/the_donald, the subreddit currently has 17,000 subscribers and is typically a hub for all things Trump. But Glover’s supporters have ’bout had it, which is why they decided to start spamming the channel with anything and everything Glover related.

Well played, y’all. Well played.

As Mashable notes, the subreddit’s moderator has been inactive for 20 days, and if they remain inactive for 60 consecutive days, the subreddit will be considered abandoned. “Should that happen with r/thedonald, Glover fans can petition to officially take over the community once and for all,” they added. Talk about death by numbers.

The magical moment of community (no pun) was spotted by journalist Cooper Fleischman on Tuesday morning and blasted on Twitter. If you head to the subreddit right now, you’ll find everything from “This Is America” memes to Atlanta quotes and everything in between.

While we’re here, Glover recently joined the conversation surrounding Lando’s sexuality, adding, “How can you not be pansexual in space?”

“There are so many things to have sex with,” he said on an episode of SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio that will air Thursday (May 24). “I didn’t think that was that weird. Yeah, he’s coming on to everybody. I mean, yeah, whatever. It just didn’t seem that weird to me ’cause I feel like if you’re in space it’s kind of like, the door is open! It’s like, no, only guys or girls. No, it’s anything. This thing is literally a blob. Are you a man or a woman? Like, who cares? Have a good time out here.”

Anyway, if you need a good laugh, head over to that subreddit while you’re on your lunch break. We promise it’s well worth your time.