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In the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp, another person we once loved and respected is now being accused of sexual harassment.

CNN broke the news by speaking to 16 people about Morgan Freeman’s alleged lewd actions as part of the investigation. Eight of them said they were victims of the harassment or inappropriate behavior. This was a pattern noticed on set while promoting his movies and at his production company Revelations Entertainment.

One of the former female employees at Revelations told CNN that Freeman looked her up and down and asked her, “How do you feel about sexual harassment?”

In the words of a former male employee, he was similar to a “creepy uncle.” He told CNN about a time when he saw Morgan walk up to an intern and start massaging her shoulder.

“Morgan did things in a way that an older more established person can get away with because they have that power,” a female crew member who worked with Freeman on The Dark Knight said. “They can’t be replaced, but you can be replaced very easily, that’s just kind of the dynamic on set. PAs can be replaced, grips can be replaced, electricians can be replaced, but the actors—once they’re in, they’re in…. If you report somebody like Morgan Freeman that the movie would lose a lot of money by replacing them or getting them in trouble, then you’re the troublemaker and you’ll get fired because you’re just a PA.”

CNN reached out to Freeman’s spokesperson for comment and then, per his request, emailed him a detailed list of the accusations against Freeman. The spokesperson reportedly did not respond to multiple follow-ups by email asking for comment on the accusations.

So now that Freeman’s iconic voice has been canceled, who do we turn to as our “voice of God” figure? Vote for your favorite down below.