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The mad scramble is on for Valentine’s Day gifts and in just under a week, folks will be exchanging tokens of adoration and affection. To help out, we’ve compiled a handy last-minute gift guide for lovers and friends out there.


Founded by Kristina and Liz Voelker, ReadyFestive is part of the growing subscription box services market and tailors one’s monthly haul based on questionnaires and surveys. As expected with these services, you can expect high-quality products from some of the rising small businesses and established brands out there.

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Susan’s Own

I’m going to break the fourth wall here and come right out with it. Susan’s Own might be my favorite CBD brand I’ve ever encountered. I usually take these kinds of products with a grain of salt but these are among the most effective brands I’ve used. I’m a big fan of their CBD drops, and they’ve been helpful with my joint pain and sleep issues. I legitimately use Susan’s Own daily in my personal life and I can’t recommend them enough. Between the drops, gummies, and other products, this stuff works. Susan’s Own’s sister brand, Blazy Susan, has a set of rolling papers, and other, ahem, “elevation” assistance items. which we’ll get into in a future guide.

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True Energy Socks

Who doesn’t like socks? True Energy realizes that the market for a good athletic sock is booming these days and the North Carolina company aims to please. They’ve got a Valentine’s Day deal going so go over and get your budding marathon runner or gym enthusiast a pair of compression socks that will last.

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Zum, a skin, home, and body care line from Indigo Wild, has all your cleaning needs for the body, mind, spirit, and living quarters. Of note, the variety of room odor sprays and their sensual soy candle will certainly set the mood.

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Heat Holders

It’s still going to be cold for at least another two months in certain parts of the country. Don’t worry, Heat Holders has you covered. From thermal socks, gloves, and hats, the company aims to keep you cozy until the Big Thaw of Spring.

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Hippy Feet

Hippy Feet is an apparel company that does something super dope, which is donating half of its net profits to a variety of non-profit partners to address youth homelessness. We’ve featured the brand in previous guides before and we can personally vouch that these will be the best pair of socks you’ll ever put your tootsies in.

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Steeped Coffee

The concept of steeping coffee isn’t brand new, but one brand is definitely looking to emerge as a leader in the space. The properly named Steeped Coffee brand offers single-serve, dunkable coffee bags that will help the budding baristas in your life craft the coffee of their heart’s desire. The West Coast company’s breezy vibes and excellently sourced and in-house coffee ranges are also pretty snazzy.

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Boondocks Whiskey

Bardstown, Kentucky is home to a number of fine bourbon brands and Boondocks is positioning itself to be counted among those swelling ranks. The company is a small craft distillery with a small but growing portfolio, and they’re currently promoting a new release in their 18 year old straight bourbon expression. With an age statement like that, this is certain to impress the whiskey fans in your life.

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Bespoken Spirits

Bourbon, and spirits production period is a huge business endeavor that often equates to a lot of waste. Founded by Martin Janousek and Stu Aaron and backed by the likes of T.J. Rodgers and baseball legend Derek Jeter, Bespoken Spirits aims to center sustainability in the products they produce. This is the right gift for the environmentally conscious spirits fan in your life.

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Hey Bae Hay

Couples night is about to get a LOT more competitive with this new card game that’s designed for a pair that’s a bit more familiar with each other, or definitely wants to be. Sisters Seanice and Sharina Clarke are the brilliant minds behind this new intimate gaming experience that guarantees a happy ending, which is so unlike some of those relationship card games that makes you question everything.

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Pure Wine

Breaking the fourth wall once again to speak about my personal experiences with the Pure Wind brand. I love red wine but I don’t always like how I feel after a glass or two. Pure Wine’s wands do the magic of removing histamines and sulfites that some drinkers like myself who want to avoid the dreaded wine hangover. I’ve shared Pure Wine with other friends and they’re singing the company’s praises.

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Concert season is fastly approaching and a certain superstar out of Houston just announced a world tour. Protecting our sensitive ears at these loud outings is vital and that’s where Earpeace comes in, most especially their Music Pro collection.

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The Functional Chocolate Company

Chocolate is a staple of Valentine’s Day, and The Functional Chocolate Company has an array of products to boost several scenarios. We have the feeling that their Sexy Chocolate expression will be a hit for Feb. 14.

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High Camp Flasks

We’ve featured High Camp Flasks in past gift guides but they’re offering customized products so you can emblazon your honey’s fancy flask with all the loving words or images. We’re big fans of the flask, especially the handy Torch model, and we hope you’ll check them out.

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If there was ever a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, it’d be Keepster. imagine all the texts, conversations on WhatsApp, or iMessage you’ve shared with your loved one transformed into a book. Now that’s what we call a keepsake.

Learn more about Keepster here.

Pit Command

If you’re one a fortunate soul that has access to a fire pit or know someone who does, there exist tools to keep the flames blazing properly. Pit Command’s Commander tool is built for the large fire pits and bonfires for those cozy fireside wintertime gatherings.

Learn more about Pit Command’s Commander here.

Mon Verre

Mon Verre specializes in customizable glassware that can be personalized with loving messages and more. The brand’s Love Collection would be a welcome gift for the loved ones in your life, all constructed with premium crystal reinforced with titanium. Pour your finest wine and relax in style on the day of love.

Learn more about Mon Verre here.



Some of us love mixing drinks for our loved ones and guests, but a little help in the bartending department would be welcomed. Enter Barsys, which boasts the first automated cocktail maker that can mix up over 2,000 premium cocktails. The Mixer and Coaster combo syncs with your phone via the Coaster App that’ll have you getting tips at your home bar in no time. We think this V-Day gift will have many happy returns.

Learn more about Barsys here.

Liquor Whaaat?!

Liquor Whaaat?!’s got a bawdy name for their chocolate treats spiked with liquor. The brand’s Cream-Filled Beavers box will get some conversations going but we’re going to urge that you don’t send this to someone on the first date.

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