Grown Man Sh*t: Ultimate Backyard Burger



We’ve already preached how important it is to know how to cook to be on your grown man sh*t. And now, Dustin is ready to take you to the backyard for the summer to make sure you know how to grill, too.

We start with something quick and easy: a burger. But before you can even think about cooking, take a sip of a beer first. And by a sip, we mean the whole damn thing.

Now the cooking can commence. All you need is a pound of good ground beef, some diced onions, fresh minced garlic, and as much freshly ground black pepper as you like. Thank Dustin— he even taught you how to pronounce Worcestershire, which, you’ll need to add alongside some grown man mustard (Grey Poupon) and one egg.

After mixing it all together, it’s time to pat out your burgers and put them on the grill (or in the frying pan) for about six to eight minutes on each side. Cook them alongside some bacon to add some extra flavor and the perfect topping to your burger. Don’t ever flatten your burger—you’ll end up with a dried out mess. You’ll have a lot of free time during this process, so keep yourself occupied. Please wash your hands thoroughly afterward, and don’t be like Dustin, who just used hand sanitizer.

Then, all you’ve gotta do is dress the burger how you like and enjoy your meat.

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Source: iOne Video / iOne Video