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2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five

Source: Dave Sandford / Getty

C‘mon, Mike Milbury.

The hockey player who once hopped in the stands and tried to beat the sh*t out of a fan with a shoe, is now a NHL commentator on NBC, and threw some uncalled shots at Nashville Predators standout P.K. Subban.

Milbury has been riding for the Pittsburgh Penguins throughout the entire post season and has been salty towards all of their opponents. But during Thursday night’s Game Five of the Stanley Cup Final, Milbury went overboard.

During the first period, Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby held Subban down and repeatedly smashed his head into the ice. Crosby would later throw a water bottle on the ice, but the NHL didn’t penalize him for it.


Milbury’s response? “Subban had it coming.”

He hasn’t been feeling Subban for a while now. During one of the Predator’s first playoff series he called the defenseman a “clown” because he decided to dance during his warm ups.

Milbury is a fan of old school hockey— ya know, when things like safety weren’t really important and concussions were nothing more than really bad headaches. Remember, this is coming from a man who was charged with verbally and physically abusing a 12-year-old child during a pee-wee hockey game.

This petition to get him fired miiiiight just get opened again.