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Latto f. Lu Kala — “Lottery”

Latto hit the jackpot with “Big Energy” in 2022. Today, she’s back with another iteration of what she calls “Pop Latto” on her newest single, “Lottery.”

Straightaway, Lu Kala shows up as the joint’s featured guest. “If I let you put your hands all over me,” Lu sings. “If I tell you all my dirty fantasies / You won the lottery.”

Meanwhile, Latto plays up the “Lottery” theme throughout her verses. “Play him like a scratch off if he gettin’ lucky,” she raps. “Jackpot baby, if I ever let you touch me / Sip me like wine, I’ma pop it like bubbly.”

Due soon, the song’s music video carries that motif too. It includes a fancy limo ride down a casino-lined strip, shimmering Las Vegas-like lights, and, of course, some glamorous outfits.

Latto spoke about this musical direction during a recent interview with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9. “I’ve got more pop songs on the way,” she says. “I ain’t letting up off of that. They shouldn’t have let me in that world ‘cause I ain’t letting up now. This got me to the Grammys? Say less.”

Janelle Monáe f. Egypt 80 & Seun Kuti — “Float”

Janelle Monáe keeps levitating. After conquering Hollywood, the multidimensional star aims the spotlight back on music with this new single, “Float.”

“No, I’m not the same / I think I done changed,” Monáe announces on the triumphant horn-filled record. “Used to walk in the room head down / I don’t walk now, I float / I don’t step, I don’t walk, I don’t dance, I just float.”

Monáe blends singing with flowing throughout the record. “I’m counting my blessings / We ain’t stressing / Just look at this glow / I got the magic / I’m really prepared for whatever whenever / So, who want the smoke?”

Elsewhere, the Grammy winning artist addresses rumors. “They said I was bi / Yeah, baby, I’m by…a whole ‘nother coast,” Monáe raps. “She stay in The Hills, he stay in Atlanta, I pay for them both.”

Janelle recently spoke about music during an interview with NME. “You will get new music because I now have a clone,” Monáe says. “That clone does all of my music, and I have another clone for acting.”

Polo G f. Future — “No Time Wasted”

Polo G and Southside haven’t been wasting time. Instead, they’ve been teaming up for a slew of new tracks. Now, the rapper-producer combo is back at it again and this time, they join forces with Future for “No Time Wasted.”

First, Polo G delivers the hook and a verse. “I know you waitin’ / Gettin’ fed up, you runnin’ out of patience,” he sings. “Just keep your head up, I told you we would make it…Best make it count, make sure it’s no time wasted.”

Next, Future makes a show-stopping appearance. “Made it out the jungle where they scorchin’ and blazin’,” he raps. “My dog get money and I get money, it’s contagious / Went from a trapper to livin’ like a pop star / I done got so rich I’m feedin’ my lil’ kids caviar.”

Listen to “No Time Wasted” below.

Don Toliver — “4 Me” & “Leave the Club”

Don Toliver is having a busy week. Earlier in the week, he celebrated Valentine’s Day with a new release. Then, as if that weren’t enough, the crooner comes back around with another major collaboration.

Up first, Don teams up with his superstar partner Kali Uchis on “4 Me.” Produced by Wheezy, the upbeat song acts as a celebration of love. “You’re the only girl for me,” he sings. “You’re the only girl I need.” Beenie Man and Mya’s “Girls Dem Sugar” works as the song’s inspiration here.

Then, following this, Toliver links up with Lil Durk and GloRilla for a new banger titled “Leave the Club.” Dez Wright, Hitkidd, Mu Lean and OZ produced on this cut. “I wanna leave the club right now babe,” Toliver sings.

But the collaboration continues from there. Soon, Durk adds a verse of his own: “I want a cougar, thirsty to leave, I’ma hop in a Uber.” Later, Glo raps about her own wants: “If I text you ‘Where you at’ you got ten minutes ‘fore you miss out.”