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The culture vulture ‘ish just doesn’t stop, does it? If it weren’t bad enough that the youngest Kardashian sister (We know she’s technically a Jenner, but whatever) is a Canal Street-knockoff of a Black woman, now she’s being accused of stealing coins from an actual Black woman’s pocket.

Tizita Balemlay, CEO of NYC streetwear brand Plugged NYC, claims that Kylie Jenner has essentially bootleged some of her designs.

Check out Plugged NYC’s bikini:

Now look at Kylie’s version:

Yesterday, Kylie released a camo collection for her signature line–which has since sold out. When Perez Hilton tweeted, “Kylie is trying to make camo bikinis a thing,”  Black Twitter decided that enough was enough and quickly reminded the blogger that Black women like Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child’s made camo sexy and cool long, long ago.

Last night Balemlay posted her “receipts” of a previous conversation with Kylie’s stylist about items purchased.

With the possible swagger jacking inception not withstanding, the question— when is Kylie Jenner going to stop biting Black culture? From cornrows to fat asses, she and her sisters have been called out time and time again for jacking someone else’s style and making it palatable for America.

The answer is probably “never,” considering that it’s yielded her family great fortune and a seemingly endless dating pool of Black dudes willing to risk falling victim to the “Kardashian curse” for a gossip-worthy relationship with one of the girls. How dreadful.