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Beyonce and Jay-Z 'On the Run II' Tour Opener - Cardiff

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So… About That Photo of Bey & Hov’s Twins…

Sorry to burst your bubble, but a rep for the famous couple tells Buzzfeed that wasn’t actually Sir and Rumi in that viral photo being passed around.

“When reached for comment, asking if this was indeed Beyoncé holding Sir and Rumi, the rep’s swift response was, ‘It’s not,'” says Buzzfeed.

A bit disappointing, but we’ll take it considering all the other great family footage they gave us during their tour opening.

Andy Spade Has Released a Statement Regarding Kate Spade’s Death.

Andy Spade—husband of the late Kate Spade, who was reported dead by suicide on Tuesday (June 5)—has released a statement regarding her death.

According to Andy, Kate had been treated for severe depression and anxiety and had been treated for many years. Though they had been separated for the last 10 months, there were no talks of divorce, and they had been in touch just shortly before her death.

“We were in touch with her the night before and she sounded happy,” he said. “There was no indication and no warning that she would do this. It was a complete shock. And it clearly wasn’t her. There were personal demons she was battling.”

Read his full statement via the New York Times.

Want Whitney Houston’s Bible? It’ll Only Cost You $95K.

Word has it that Whitney’s Bible is on sale for $95,000 by her former landlord. He told TMZ the holy book has her handwriting “all over it” and was the only item he kept from her belongings because he found it “interesting.” He threw away everything else (why!?).

First come first serve, y’all.

Instagram May Be Looking into 1-Hour Longform Videos.

An extension of Instagram Stories? Folks aren’t exactly sure yet, but imagine the possibilities! The tutorials! The random videos of your favorite Insta star dancing! Say goodbye to all productivity, ’cause it looks like we’ll all be losing track of valuable time in the near future.

A Mysterious Sound-Induced Illness Has Fallen on State Employees. 😳

State Dept. employees are falling ill after hearing “strange noises,” reports the New York Times. It started in Cuba in 2016 and has now spread to China.

Folks have been evacuated and their colleagues and family members are being tested by a State Department medical team, according to officials. “It is unclear how many of them are exhibiting symptoms,” however, though a State Department spokeswoman said W “a number of individuals” had been sent to the U.S. for further testing.

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