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March Against Homophobia In Sao Paulo

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GLAAD Collaborates With Netflix On Their #FirstTimeISawMe Campaign

Netflix’s #FirstTimeISawMe campaign has done an impeccable job at making sure that diverse stories and media representation of marginalized identities is at the forefront of conversation. While in the past they’ve focused on profiling media influencers and actors of color, this time they took a different spin on it.

Their latest project brought stories about the power of authentic transgender media representations from folks like Tiq Milan, Jazz Jennings, Meredith Talusan, and Jamie Clayton.

“Netflix and GLAAD know that authentic media stories an characters are pivotal in creating acceptance,” they said in a statement. “This is especially true for trans people, who have either been invisible in mainstream media or portrayed using inaccurate and offensive stereotypes. And that’s why when you finally see a trans character that resonates with you as real and authentic — where you can see a part of yourself in the story — it is so powerful.”

The NCAA’s New Rule Gives Student-Athletes More Power

The NCAA has a new rule and no it has nothing to do with paying the players, but everything to do with transfer students. Now, schools can no longer block student-athletes from transferring to a new school of their choice. Previously, a kid would have to receive permission from their current schools to contact a different university before they were allowed to receive a scholarship offer.

“This creates a safe place for student-athletes to have a conversation with their coaches and makes the whole process more transparent,” said Nicholas Clark, a Division I student-athlete advisory committee representative.

Starz Show ‘Vida’ Renewed for Season 2

The Latinx community can take a deep sigh of relief — Starz is keeping half-hour drama Vida around for a second season.

The news was released a couple of days after the first season came to an end, with stellar reviews. Since its premiere, Vida has grown 171 percent to earn the largest Latinx audience composition for a premium series this year.

Kanye West Unveils Nas’ Album Tracklist

As another Friday approaches, so does another release from the GOOD Music camp. Last week was Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s time to shine, and now its time for arguably the most anticipated of all the projects: Nas. Nas hasn’t released an album since 2012’s Life Is Good and fans have been wondering if his next project will live up to expectations. Ye recently released the tracklist of the album and fans can’t wait to see what the Queensbridge MC has in store.