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London “Deelishis” Charles Talks ‘Flavor Of Love’ On New Web Series ‘Harsh Reality’

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It’s been more than 15 years since Flavor Flav shocked the world and chose Deelishis to be his boo thang in the second season finale of 2006’s Flavor of Love (wasn’t that hard of a decision to be honest).

Though Flav and Deelishis didn’t have their happily ever after the end of Flavor of Love (shocker), the two did seem happy for a few minutes following the events of the hit VH1 reality TV series. Now, all these years later, London “Deelishis” Charles opens up about her experience on Flavor of Love on hosts Young Joc and Jessie Woo’s new web series, Harsh Reality over at our Bossip brethren. The series examines the effect reality TV has had on their participant’s lives in the years since.

Sitting alongside Love & Hip Hop star, Tammy Rivera, Deelishis explained that she ended up on Flavor of Love after losing her job and watching the first season of the popular show, and she applied to be on Season 2 following the reunion episode. Needless to say, she not only ended up on the show, but took home the “trophy” when it was all said and done. Interestingly enough, she reveals that the couple actually didn’t have any sexual relations, but admits “I tried to.”

Word, Flav?! You turned that down?! Maybe he was still in love with Drago’s ex-wife, Brigitte Nielsen. Not a good enough excuse but whatever.

“I wanted it,” Deelishis admits. “But not on the show.” Classy.

Now, we want to hear Flavor Flav’s side of the story as to why the man chose such a bombshell of a woman to be his wifey only to turn her sexual advances down when she went for hers. We need answers, b.

Check out Pt. 1 of the interview above, and peep Deelishis and Tammy Rivera speak about their experiences on reality TV. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.