Prison Cells

Source: Geoff Livingston / Getty

The ‘justice’ system continues to deliver anything but, well, justice.

The New York Daily News reports that Jose Cosme—a Correction Department vet of nine years—pleaded guilty last week to sexually assaulting an inmate in a storage closet on Rikers Island. Thanks to a plea deal, he’ll face no jail time and will instead be on probation for ten years. The 36 year old was fired from his job and will be required to register as a sex offender. But, again, he won’t spend a single day in jail for his crimes.

According to the Daily News, Cosme “ambushed” a female inmate in November of 2015. He chose a closet, hidden from surveillance cameras, for the assault.

Fearing that she would not be believed, Jacqueline Healy mailed pieces of the shirt that she wore during the attack to loved ones. She told The News “I wanted proof.”

Cosme could have been sentenced to up to 50 years behind bars.