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Vizzy Orange Cream Pop Hard Seltzer

As the warm weather slowly beckons us for outdoor parties, indoor gatherings, and quaffable refreshments on deck and Vizzy has a new flavor to match the vibes. Vizzy, already known for its great variety, is introducing its brand-new Orange Cream Pop flavor to the masses and what shows up in the can is definitely adding to the brand’s legacy.

Vizzy Orange Cream Pop Hard Seltzer

Vizzy currently offers two variety packs, a lemonade variety pack, watermelon, and mimosa flavors. Orange Cream Pop is a new limited-edition flavor that packs in that classic flavor we all remember as kids from the sweet frozen treat on a stick. Clocking in at just 90 calories per can and 4.5% ABV, one could easily crush a couple and still have a pretty easygoing evening. As the brand states, it is truly a “flavor for every vibe” as stated in their summer campaign.

“Our new campaign embodies everything drinkers love about Vizzy we bring bold flavor for every vibe and turn up the volume, no matter the occasion,” said Joy Ghosh, vice president of above premium flavor at Molson Coors. “From the cool flavor and nostalgic vibe of Orange Cream Pop Hard Seltzer to our bold new ads and refreshed packs, this will be Vizzy’s biggest summer yet.”

Vizzy kindly sent us a sample of Orange Cream Pop and we’re happy to report that this is one of the better hard seltzers we’ve tried in recent times, going away from the usual fruit flavors that dominate that particular segment of adult beverages. As its namesake suggests, the summery flavors kickstarted old memories of running after the ice cream truck so being transported back to our younger days was most certainly welcomed.

To learn more about Vizzy’s Orange Cream Pop and its other flavors, click here.

Photo: Vizzy