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Lil Durk f. J. Cole — “All My Life”

Lil Durk and J. Cole are already powerful musical forces on their own. But now, the talented emcees are joining powers like a symphony of two with their new collaboration, “All My Life.”

The high-powered musical union begins with a Cole World intro. Then, a choir joins Durk for the uplifting hook: “All my life, they’ve been trying to keep me down / All this time, never thought I’d make it out / But they couldn’t break me / They couldn’t take me.”

Subsequently, Durk shares his newfound perspective in his verse. “The media called me a menace / I done sat with the mayors and politicians / I’m trying to change the image,” he raps. “You can’t blame my past no more, I come from the trenches / Some said I’d never be a superstar but I know I’m different.”

Finally, the collaboration forges ahead with Cole’s verse. “Me, I’m runnin’ long distance, all pistons firing,” he raps. “I be stuck between maybe retirin’ and feelin’ like I’m just not hittin’ my prime / These days, seein’ rappers be dyin’ way before they even gettin’ they shine.”

Previously, Durk spoke on the virtuosos alliance. “It’s just a rap that’s just showing you what I been going through. What I been doing lately. Trying to change how I am,” he told XXL. “We were just trying to figure out like what’s the right person to put on it… I felt like Cole can bring the energy that I’m looking for to it.”

Steve Cannon directed the song’s music video. In it, Cole and Durk are surrounded by kids, all singing along to the track’s triumphant chorus.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again — Richest Opp

YoungBoy Never Broke Again continues to churn out new music at a rapid pace. Shortly after releasing I Rest My Case and Don’t Try This At Home this year, the Baton Rouge emcee unveils his newest collection of work, Richest Opp.

Richest Opp features 17 new joints and one collaboration (“Chopstick” featuring Ten). It also includes a controversial diss record titled “F—k The Industry Pt. 2.”

“Talked to Drake across FaceTime, he wasn’t feeling me / Told me that he f—k with Durk, damn, that sh-t getting to me,” he raps on the song. “Told me that he like the sh-t I’m doing but can’t do sh-t with me / So when we cross our ways, f—k what you say, b—h, you my enemy.”

The song, which also references Lil Yachty, is a sequel to 2022’s “F—k Da Industry” off The Last Slimeto.

Janelle Monáe — “Lipstick Lover”

Janelle Monáe is embarking on a new chapter in a multifaceted and well-celebrated career. Shortly after dropping her “Float” single, the singer-rapper-actress unveils “Lipstick Lover.”

“I like lipstick on my neck,” she sings on the track. “Hands around my waist, so you know what’s coming next / I wanna feel your lips on mine / I just wanna feel a little tongue, we don’t have a long time.”

“Lipstick Lover” is a single off Monáe’s forthcoming album, The Age of Pleasure. She explains: “As we enter into The Age Of Pleasure, ‘Lipstick Lover’ is our free-ssmothaf-cka anthem inspired by f.a.m. for f.a.m.”

Furthermore, Janelle adds in the statement to press: “This is our oasis made with love, rooted in self acceptance, throbbing in self discovery, and signed with cherry-red kisses from me to you.”

Moreover, Janelle directed the song’s official video along with Alan Ferguson. It vividly follows along with Monáe’s lyrics and goes even further, as it includes plenty of kisses, lots of lipstick, whipped cream, cherries, wet t-shirts, and blurred nudity.

Killer Mike — “Motherless”

As Killer Mike readies his upcoming album, MICHAEL, the Georgia wordsmith is ready to share even more of his story. The newest chapter in this autobiographical saga comes in the form of “MOTHERLESS.”

“MOTHERLESS” features Eryn Allen Kane vocals and No I.D. production. It’s a beautiful piano-laden ode to Mike’s mother. “You won’t believe it, mama / I achieved it, mama,” he raps. “I turned these hatin’-a-s people to believers, mama.”

The Run the Jewels emcee promises to deliver this sort of vulnerable honesty on his forthcoming album. “You’ve heard me speak; You’ve watched me discuss the past, present and future. You’ve seen my videos, have possibly even attended a show or two. But now, you’ll meet MICHAEL the man via my new album, dropping on June 16.”

Mike also revealed a powerfully cinematic music video for the song. It features a nostalgic trip down memory lane as he remembers his mother’s history and celebrates her legacy.

Prior to this, Mike released “Don’t Let The Devil.” That song features El-P and thankugoodsir. Both are slated to appear on MICHAEL.