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Whiskies Of The World DC

Last year, we had the good fortune of attending Whiskies Of The World in Washington, D.C., and experienced a number of offerings from several whiskey and whiskey brands. The global tour is back on the road and will take place this weekend in our Nation’s Capital.

As we shared in 2022, whiskey and whisky fans are often in discussion about the similarities and differences between the distilled spirits and the opinions swing in extremes. However, one thing that Whiskies Of The World does better than most is gathering much of that valuable knowledge and passionate interest under one roof in order for visitors to experience the wild worlds of both spirits.

Like we did last year, we’ll let Whiskies Of The World explain itself as taken from the event’s press release page:

With its origins in San Francisco, Whiskies of the World features a diverse portfolio of whiskies from around the globe, including Scotland, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. The event focuses on bringing educational and intense sensory perception opportunities to whisky enthusiasts across the U.S.

Both The Whisky Extravaganza and Whiskies of the World have engaged thousands of consumers and have showcased hundreds of brands, offering guests from coast to coast the opportunity to taste superlative whiskies and to meet the outstanding personalities of the whisky world.

In combining their teams into a single powerhouse tour, Whiskies of the World merges the individual strengths of each to forge an enhanced consumer and brand experience as the premier national whisky festival.

The event takes place this coming Friday (June 2) at 7:30 PM local time. Only general admission tickets are left for the event and are priced at $125. Beyond the 200-plus brands represented at the event under the guidance of expert ambassadors, there will also be masterclass events for purchase. The benefiting partner of Whiskies Of The World is the Whiskey Education Foundation.

Participating brands include Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, Brenne French Single Malt Whisky, Fukano Whisky, M&H, GlenAllachie, Penderyn, FEW Single Malt, Port Askaig, Widow Jane, Green River Whiskey, and more.

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