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Talking Therapy On ‘Listen To Black Men’ Episode 5

Listen To Black Men EP. 5

Source: iOne Digital / Interactive One

On the latest episode of the Listen To Black Men digital series, the crew sits down and examines their various feelings and experiences in seeking therapy.

The new episode of the wildly popular digital series features the main panel of Mouse Jones, Tyler Chronicles, and Jeremie Rivers with Jessie Woo joining in as they sit with notable therapist Arron Muller with the topic being all about the benefits of therapy in the Black community.

Jessie Woo opened up the conversation by revealing that she’s been going to therapy “for a year”, and that her therapist is a Black man. “What made you go?”, Tyler asked. “A Black man,” Jessie quipped. She elaborated further, saying that what prompted her to seek counseling was her dealing with a health issue and a downward spiral while feeling that her boyfriend at the time wasn’t emotionally supportive. “It made me say “okay I have to go to therapy” because if I don’t, I’m probably not gonna be here,” Jessie said.

Mouse then took that energy for his question to Muller: “How important are the benefits of therapy and keeping the Black family together?” “As we can see, there’s a lot of division between men and women right now,” Muller began, “so that’s something I want to combat by all of us being well. That we need each other.” He continued: “That includes children. It’s important that children see how we respond to things and how we engage in therapy.”

Jessie supplied a pertinent follow-up question: “How willing are Black men to do the work when you give them work to do in therapy? How do you help them do that?” Arron replied with a laugh, “I have a different approach…I do a little ‘hood therapy’. But I do meet people where they are at. Not speaking over them but with them. All we want to do is feel heard sometimes.”

Of course, even moments of laughter lead to some real thoughtful exchanges, as Mouse drops a truth bomb: “A lot of men are scared to lose access to other men because of Black women.” Arron concurs, citing the harmful narrative of “being a simp” as a reason. Jeremie also relates from his experience with his wife, relating that it’s important to stress to your partner “it’s okay. You have a soft landing here.”

Catch the rest of the powerful discussion on the latest episode of Listen To Black Men above.