EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Flash’ Director Andy Muschietti Says Seeing The Fan Reactions Was The “Greatest Moment”


The DCEU was in a dark place, and confidence was not high until James Gunn and Peter Safran took over in hopes of righting the ship. While most of the projects announced before Gunn and Safran arrived are now in limbo, one film that pushed on was The Flash, and now that it’s here, Gunn is looking like a genius.

Despite the film’s star, Ezra Miller, doing his best impression of a DC Comics villain, Gunn put all of his confidence in the film, announcing it will play a significant part in his DCU as it will serve as a reset and help us forget about that mess that was the DCEU.

That put all the pressure on director Andy Muscietti to deliver a gem with The Flash, and understandably fans were nervous about the film. Despite fans’ initial worry, Gunn was on record early, saying, “It’s one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen. Andy Muschietti did an amazing job.”

The Flash is finally here, and the critics are gushing about it. Ezra Miller delivers a strong performance as the titular character, Sasha Calle rocks as Supergirl, and we hope she sticks around and there was not one, but two great Batmen in the superhero flick.

The Flash

Source: Warner Bros. / The Flash

Andy Muscietti Says The Flash Receiving Hight Praise From Fans Is A Great Moment

Cassius Life spoke with director Andy Muscietti and his sister Barbara Muscietti who serves as a producer on the standalone film for DC’s speedster, and we asked him how he was feeling now that the film is here and receiving positive reactions.

…we made this movie always with an eye on the fans…

“It is a great moment. It is the greatest moment of all the process. And, of course, we made this movie always with an eye on the fans, trying to understand what most of the people are expecting from a movie like that, ” Muscietti begins.

He continues, “But also, of course, trusting your own instincts as a filmmaker and building a story from the inside out. What would you like to see in a movie? So it’s that kind of balance, and of course, during that process, it’s a crossing fingers situation where I’m satisfied with everything that the movie is, now let’s see what the audience thinks about it. It was the greatest moment to see the audience’s first screenings and see their reactions. It was just amazing.”

Andy Muschietti Got A Cast He Dreamt Of In The Flash

The Flash

Source: Warner Bros. / The Flash

With The Flash, Muschietti gets to go inside the DCU movie and television vault because he gets to incorporate characters in his film, making The Flash the ultimate homage to DC’s past and present in the film and television world.

“Well great, because the studio was a great support for us during the making and the preparing of this movie. They trusted my vision and they just interfered as less as possible because they trusted that what we were doing was in the right direction or good somehow,”Muschietti tells Cassius Life.

“I had a great experience working with Ezra Miller and the rest of the cast, which is phenomenal. That’s what you get from doing a movie that has this kind of magnitude and budget. You get to play with all the toys that you want and the cast that you dream of. So it is a dream come true, and I’m happy that the studio was always supporting us.”

The Flash

Source: Warner Bros. / The Flash

With The Flash under their belt, we asked the brother/sister duo what other DC character they would love to make a film about. They punted on the answer, but word on the street, Muschietti will be directing Batman: The Brave And The Bold. We pitched a Supergirl film starring Sasha Calle.

We’re still going to hold out hope for that. The Flash arrives in theaters on June 16.

Photo: Warner Bros. / The Flash