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All good things must come to an end… or as Bruce says, it’s time to say goodbye to the first Aunt Viv. In this case, Aunt Viv is me.

In our latest episode of He Shoots, She Scores… With A Side Of Beanz, I mediate our resident Cavs fan Beanz, and our resident hot takes master, Bruce for the final time. We talk about this year’s World Cup season that’s heating up in a major way. Not sure who to root for? Bruce is going for everybody Black, and Jada’s rooting for Colombia and Mexico.

Where is LeBron James playing next Fall? That’s the big question on all basketball fans’ minds, and the crew is just hoping that King James stays in the East. There are talks of Bron heading over the Lakers, but Beanz is really not trying to rock a Lakers jersey. The verdict is out, but Bron doesn’t want this choice to turn into another media circus. Only time will tell.

The one All-Star who we know for sure is staying put is Carmelo Anthony. The former Knick signed a $27.9M deal with Oklahoma City Thunder, and the crew is placing bets on him showing a lot of promise in the upcoming season.

And no podcast is complete without the wildest hot takes—this time, from an unexpected member of the team. Beanz, a proud Brooklynite argued that his borough is the most diverse place in the city. But Bruce and I are from the actual most diverse place in the world, which is actually and factually Queens. Although Beanz continued with his fake news, the stats don’t lie: Queens is one of the most diverse places on Earth, according to the latest stats. Can’t fight with those numbers, Bernard.

Lastly, it’s been an absolute treat to talk sports and be welcomed at the table with two of the freshest individuals in the world. It’s only onward and upward, y’all. Keep checking for them each week for more sports talk and even more jokes.