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With one punishment already handed down by the NBA, it was time for Ja Morant to face another.

Morant was previously accused of getting into an altercation with a teenager last year, but he’s got a good excuse for his actions.

His lawyers have filed a motion alleging Morant was defending himself against then-17-year-old Josh Holloway when he punched him. The motion cites Tennessee’s self-defense immunity statute since it occurred during a pickup basketball game at Morant’s home in Eads.

“Morant acted in self-defense when [Josh Holloway] intentionally struck him in the face with a basketball at Mr. Morant’s family home last July,” the motion to dismiss read. “He therefore enjoys civil immunity under the [Self-Defense Immunity] Statute.”

More depositions within the case that have been filed offer more context to the altercation, including an interview with Ja’s father, Tee Morant, who was at the residence when it happened.

Tee was cooking for everyone at the house, and as he traveled between the court and the kitchen, he says he encouraged Holloway to “go at Ja” while they played together.

According to Commercial Appeal, Tee wanted Holloway to raise his level of competition by playing against Ja, an NBA player.

“I was telling Josh to go at Ja … act like he’s not an NBA player as far as confidence purposes,” Tee Morant said. “‘You’re going to Oak Hill. So once you get there, if you can compete against Ja at this level – once you get there, it should be easier.”

Tee later adds that he didn’t think the fight was that serious because after walking Hollaway to the car, he called the teen’s father, who agreed their sons should sit down and discuss their differences.

It wasn’t until Holloway’s mother, Myca, called him later that night and “got irate and started cursing and stuff on the phone.”

Ja’s friends Alexander Ndon-Blue and Christopher “Chip” Brunt were also deposed, and along with Tee, they all heard Halloway threaten to fire a weapon at the home.

Both Ndon-Blue and Brunt are also the friends who were with Morant when he allegedly flashed a gun on Instagram Live, but both said the gun was a lighter and downplayed the situation.

“It wasn’t a situation, a big deal,” Ndon-Blue said. “That is why I don’t think the gun was real. I believe it was a toy too. Because if it was [real] – especially after the first incident, I think it kind of would have been a pretty bigger deal if he was pulling a gun out around that many people.”

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Morant’s second gun-flashing incident.

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Los Angeles Lakers v Memphis Grizzlies - Game Five
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