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The great poet Aubrey Graham once said, “With your phone out, gotta hit them angles.” He never spoke truer words.

And for that reason, on the latest episode of Grown Man Sh*t we’re teaching you how to take fire photos for Instagram. It’s not like this generation uses photo albums anyway, so we just want you to look as fly on the internet as possible. In 2018, there’s no need for your selfies to look like mug shots taken after a long night of drinking and sleeping on concrete.

Knowing your angles is simple. Got a double chin? Don’t you dare take pictures with an upward angle. Stretch that neck and make that clavicle pop, king. Then consider your equipment. You can be all ~artsy~ if you want and even cop a disposable camera to give your flicks a retro vibe. Or if you want to make a serious hobby—and side hustle out of it—there’s always a trusty, yet pricey, Canon you can cop. And once you’ve got a camera, you need a camera bag to make it even more official. Oh, and that bag can double as a hiding spot for all of your vices. You didn’t hear that from us though.

Watch the video up top for Dustin’s questionable photography tips and a few amazing photos he took to show he’s really about that life.*

*And by photos he took we mean he probably took them from the internet.

Grown Man Shit Picture Taking

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