You must be living under a rock if you didn’t know the Golden State Warriors took home the 2017 NBA championship by now. In a major marketing move, Nike released its NIKEiD Premium Cork Collection as well as the new campaign, Debate This, featuring Kevin Durant on the eve of the team’s major win.

The video addresses some of the harsh criticism he’s faced over the last 10 years. Throughout, we see clips of KD’s up and downs on the court all culminating in his monumental win. In the end, he deads the naysayers.

After releasing a new colorway of the Nike KD X, his signature shoe that could only be purchased while he was on the court during Game 2, the small forward has definitely earned his MVP status.

Check out the new fire NikeiD Premium Air Force 1 Cork Collection ($160-$175; which just launched below.

The NIKEiD Premium Cork Collection
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Available now in the low, mid and high versions, the kicks embody the spirt of celebration, thanks to gold accents and customizable details. Added bonus: you might finally be able to sneak past the bouncer at your local club with these premium kicks.