Just a few days into the NBA playoffs and there’s already a sweep. The Phoenix Suns were the first team swiftly booted from the bracket after losing four straight games to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Anthony Edwards scored 40 points, and his teammates joined in with Karl-Anthony Towns dropping 28 points. The Phoenix Suns tried their […]

If there’s one NBA player who has no issue responding to fans and trolls, it’s Kevin Durant. He’s clapped back at Twitter users and even admitted to having a burner account, so it’s not totally surprising that he’s just as reactive in real life. His patience got tested once again when his Phoenix Suns were […]

Two teams and five years later, Kevin Durant is finally ready to talk about his heartbreaking 2019 injury. Fans remember the 2019 Finals when Durant was still a member of the Golden State Warriors when he ruptured his Achilles in Game 5 against the Toronto Raptors. As the crowd chants his name, he yells, “F-ck,” […]

Draymond Green may have just been reinstated for his latest on-court assault, but he’s once again choosing violence. His latest controversial move comes as the never-ending debate of the NBA’s GOAT suddenly fell at Kevin Durant’s feet during an interview with Arizona Republic’s Duane Rankin. For the last few years, the argument has been that […]

Two of Nike’s biggest hypemen are coming together to ensure you look as clean as possible at your next pickup basketball game. Ahead of the Nov. 8 release of Drake‘s NOCTA Basketball collection, he tapped his friend Kevin Durant to rock a few pieces and front the campaign. The athleisure vibes are hitting harder than […]

USA track star Noah Lyles enjoyed a successful weekend at Budapest’s 2023 World Championships, winning three gold medals, but he’s getting dragged for recent remarks. During a press conference, the 26-year-old was critical about how he feels about the NBA Finals champs declaring themselves the best in the world upon victory. He wants people to […]

It’s been a few months since weed was removed from the NBA’s banned substances list, and we’re just now learning who helped start the movement. During an interview at Game Plan 23 with Andrew Ross Sorkin, Kevin Durant mentioned the time he met with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to advocate for his fellow players to […]

Kevin Durant is officially a lifer. Besides being a sharpshooter for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors, Brooklyn Nets and now Phoenix Suns, he’s got one of the best signature sneaker lines around, courtesy of Nike. Now, with Durant’s dominance showing no signs of slowing down as he enters a new stage of his career, […]

The ongoing feud between Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant just got even more heated. Barkley appeared on Sunday night’s episode of '60 Minutes.'

Paul Pierce claims the talk about him faking an injury to use the bathroom during the NBA Finals is straight C A P.

Giannis Antetokounmpo appeared on 'The Daily Show' and roasted Kevin Durant for joining super teams instead of leading his own.