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The NBA is currently in off-season mode, but things are still heating up in trades and the video game world. Like NFL players and Madden, NBA players have now become very eager to learn exactly what their ratings will be in the yearly releases of the video game franchises. The folks at 2K know this is a big deal and have begun revealing ratings for the league’s biggest stars.

Ronnie 2K, the Digital Marketing Director at 2K, and crew kicked things off with the Lakers big acquisition LeBron James and revealed he will have a 98 rating in next years installment. While many including Bron’s biggest fan on the planet —Shannon Sharpe—feel their goat deserved a 99 rating, James was very accepting of his near-perfect rating and responded by saying “ain’t so bad either for such an old head!”

They followed up James ratings by revealing last season’s strong contender for Rookie Of The Year, Jayson Tatum giving the promising Celtic an impressive 87 in-game ranking. While many felt his rating should have been a bit higher, Tatum took his reveal with stride and might be using it as inspiration on the court next season.

DeMar DeRozan, who was just shipped to the San Antonio Spurs for Kawhi Leonard in an unexpected trade rating was revealed today. His score remains the same despite switching teams, and 2K hinted that Leonard might be next. DeRozan, likely still heartbroken at being traded, hasn’t spoken on his 2K19 ratings.

Utah Jazz standout, Donovan Mitchell spoke on the rating reveals when Bleacher Report sent out a tweet wondering what his and Ben Simmon’s 2K measuring stick would be. And all he really cares about is his dunk rating.

As for Ben Simmons, Ronnie 2K gave a small hint as to what we should expect that rating to be.

A video has recently surfaced adding more fuel to the fire as to what exactly Ben Simmons’ magic number in NBA 2K19 would be.

We can only wonder, we will keep you guys updated with reactions from the league as the ratings continue to be revealed. Do you agree with the NBA 2K19 ratings so far?