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Shark Week is finally here and if your tired of seeing great white sharks breaching in slow motion, Discovery has upped the ante this year.

With the help of legendary NBA big man turned  TNT NBA analyst Shaquille O’Neal, Discovery hopes to lure in more eyes on the big week dedicated to ocean’s most feared but majestic killing machines. Teamed with comedian Rob Riggle, Shaq who doesn’t back down from any man decides to face the one thing he is scared of — and that is sharks. Shaq goes through training before placing his massive frame in a conveniently named “Shaq cage” to come face to face with a swarm of sharks.

Unfortunately for Shaq, his training didn’t account for the antics of Rob Riggle who pranks Shaq by luring the sharks to the Shaq cage with the use of a chum gun. A nervous Shaq gets an unwelcomed surprise when one excited shark somehow manages to squeeze its way inside the giant cage with NBA Hall of Famer much to the surprise of the experts which adds for some great television.

What the clip shared on Twitter doesn’t reveal is that Shaq does eventually get pulled out the cage unharmed. So no sharks or Shaq was harmed in the filming of the “Shaq Does Shark Week” special. One thing is definitely sure, Ernie, Charles and Kenny Smith will be roasting Shaq about the whole incident. Especially Chuck after the big man was filmed leading a crowd in Barkley sucks chant during a recent DJ set. Shaq’s shark encounter is definitely an early candidate for Shaqtin’ A Fool. You can view the entire episode on Discovery right now.