We all agree that the best part of being an adult is having sex, right?

But the worst part of being an adult is not having protected sex and contracting STDs or having unwanted kids. So, on the latest episode of Grown Man Sh*t your hero Dustin is teaching you how to have safe sex. We all know how unfiltered Dustin is, so instead of showing you how to put a condom on a banana, a cucumber (or a mini carrot because we don’t discriminate here at Cassius) we got a sex toy to ensure you’re wrapping up the way you’re supposed to and not a terrible instructional video from the ’80s.

Starting off simple, a trusty brand or package is the Trojan Pleasure pack which offers up a few different kinds of condoms that’ll ensure you AND your partner are both in the mood. No one needed to know this, but Dustin also loves this particular offering because he gets around. If Trojans aren’t your thing that Lifestyles might be, even though bougie Dustin says they’re for teenagers. We’d tell you what those gold-wrapped condoms are for, but if you have to ask, then don’t worry about it. As Pusha T says, “If you know, you know.”

Make sure once the condom is on, make sure there’s still room at the tip and its rolled all the way down the base to make sure no fluids make it in or out.

Oh, and when Dustin says to rip the package open? Don’t do that because you risk ripping a hole in the condom. And if there’s any mood killer that’ll end the night… that’d be the biggest one.

Grown Man Shit Condoms

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video