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Avengers: Infinity War alone is already incredible, but when you add Leslie Jones commentary it takes the movie to hilariously epic levels.

The most ambitious crossover event is now available for home viewing digitally and the Saturday Night Live vet finally experienced the movie for herself. Now, if you are a stranger to Leslie’s colorful commentary you have been missing out. Her incredible Twitter breakdown of the Rio Summer Olympics earned her an invite to the games to witness them first hand. Leslie, admittedly always late on things, was right on time with this play-by-play of the summer blockbuster.

Here is how Leslie first reacted when introduced to Infinity War’s feared villain Thanos.

Here is how Jones reacted when Spider-Man showed up in the movie.

Leslie Jones reaction to Tony Stark’s new Iron Man armor.

Her reaction when a bearded Captain America showed up is absolutely priceless.

The reaction was so good in fact that Chris Evans who plays the shield throwing leader of The Avengers had to hilariously reply back.

Things started to get real heavy for Leslie when Iron Man and Thanos squared off.

But how did she act when the big snap happened, turning her favorite characters into dust? If you guessed not too well, you are correct.

What really took the cake is when Jones stayed around for what took place after the credits rolled and Nick Fury bit the dust.

Like many stunned moviegoers after watching the film, Jones had questions, and she needed some answers quickly as to what she just witnessed.

Leslie Jones, please don’t ever change. As a matter of fact, why hasn’t anyone suggested that Jones watching shows and providing commentary should be an actual show? To read her full play-by-play of Avengers: Infinity War, head over to her Twitter account.